Eugene Mursky


The music was just fantastic. We listened to it without stopping. It felt like "living water" to my soul as familiar strains were played. What a treasure.

Bob Speirs

Mursky and Richards music is a marriage made in heaven.

Karen Klomp

Mursky's piano is superb and just spectacular as always!!! Richards' arrangements are exquisite and touching.

Karen Klomp

Mursky and Richards


1994 World Piano Competition

Born in Tashkent Uzbekistan, Eugene was playing with the Uzbekistan State Symphony Orchestra by the age of 13.  In 1994, he won first prize in the World Piano Competition in London, receiving the award from Princess Diana.


Bryan Richards - Arranger

For Bryan, playing the piano has been a hobby turned passion. These arrangements are a compilation of 8-9 years work and follow a common theme, classical music married to a hymn. He is also the content director for the popular site,


Works of Chopin

In 2010, Eugene was commissioned by the Hanssler label in Germany to record the complete works of Chopin in commemoration of Frederic Chopin's 200th birthday.